Enjoy the romantic mountainworld in our region and start walking…..

Exactly in Frangocastello the famous E4 starts and leads you further on through our Kalikratisgorge high up to  the beautiful meadows of Kallikratis village.

In the neighbourvillage Agios Nektarios next to Frangocastello is he entrance of the Asfendougorge located . You can combine both gorges easily in a onedaytrekking.

Four kilometers far from Frangocastello is the entrance of Imbrosgorge. You can pass it through inbetween of 2 ½ hours even with your children, cause maindistances are walked in shadowspreaded areas.

The Aradenagorge starts at the bridge of Anopolis and requires some experience and practice in trekking. Therefore at the end of the gorge you are rewarded with a cool bath in the turquoisecoloured sea.

Our Pachnes in the White Mountains is with its 2453,6 m the highest mountain of Crete and can be reached out from Anopolis. On the way high up to Pachnes you are crossing unique and awesome alpes and while standing next to the peakcross you will be moved by the unforgettable views.

The beautiful and famous San Maria Gorge is the longest of Europe. Starting at the height of 1200 m at Omalos it leads you over 18 kilometers down to the coast at Agia Roumeli.

If you wish we can arrange for you cartransports to different trekkinghotspots as well for your way back. Just ask us per email.

Bungy Jumping

For all lovers of this extremesport we have the bridge in Anapoli in store. In the summermonths you can do jumps under the gard and guide of bungy experts. If you are interested in we can book you a jump.


With good weather you can see the paraglyders starting directly in the gorge of Kallikratis above Frangocastello and landing on our plains.