500 meters east from the castle the small chapel AGIOS NIKITAS with frescs of the 14th age is located. In past times the parish fair of Agios Nikitas was one of the biggest events on Crete.

You could see armed Cretan dancers, competition in running, riding, archery and discus. According to this traditional ceremonies every year at 15th September you can follow the competitions at Agios Nikitas.

A further 400 m far from Agios Nikitas, on the top of a beautiful long sandhillbeach we come to the monastery AGIOS CHARALAMBOS which is dedicated to the medicineman and martyr holy CHARALAMBOS. The monastery is not settled nowadays, but used for baptisms or holy yearfeasts.

At late byzantic and venetic ages the monastery Agios Charalambos had large areas of oliveplantages and grain under cultivation.

The small chapel PROFITI ELIAS is situated on a wonderfull hill over Frangocastello. You can reach it very well by feet out from our Tavern.

Between Frangocastello and Kapsodassos we find AGIOS IOANNIS.

It is worthwile as well to go a bit more far: visit the MONASTRY MONI PREVELLI close to Plakias. It was built in the 17th age and is one of the most important symbols of the Cretan resistance. Enjoy the unique old fresques in the monastery museum. On the eastside of the chapel you find the symbol *flower of life* - one of the oldest symbols of manhood.

About 1 km far from the monastery you can visit the famous palmbeach or have a trekking through the palmgorge.

12 kilometers west from Frangocastello, CHORA SFAKION is located, the maincapital of the region SFAKIA. Here start all busconnections to CHANIA or ferrytransports to LOUTRO, AGIA ROUMELI, and GAVDOS- the most southern point of EUROPE.

You can also rent privateboats which will carry you to wonderfull lonesome beaches.

For sure you will enjoy as well the two portcities CHANIA and RETHIMNON, where you have the opportunity to visit the romantic old city with its harbour, traditional markets and several museums.

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